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Kingdom Announcements

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February 09' First Event!

To all in the Kingdom of Stanislaus, Do I, Sir Robert Valcore, Crown Regent of the Kingdom of Stanislaus, Send Greetings!

This is to officially announce the up and coming Kingdom Birthday event

This event is our seminal event, the first of many glorious ones!

I absolutely wish to see everyone on this mailing list in attendance as the more people who attend, the more warriors on the field, the more crafters to show and practice, and the more revelers to join us as we embark on a grand adventure!


The event will take place on February 28th.  This event will be hosted by Admiral and Lady Bradford.(Brads house, not his persona name, just a little fun there)


11:00 am: Troll opens (Troll is where you sign into the event, sign
waivers, pay event fees (if necessary) and Sign up for activities.
12:15 pm Troll Closes
12:15 pm: Day board is served (let us know if your interested in
having it)
12:15: Introductory tournament with instruction ( bear pit)
1:30: guild demo : The Weapon Smiths Guild :Building the basic Mace
2:30: Spear Throwing tournament: this is very fun and should be easy to do because of the snow!
3:30: guild Intro and Demo: The Troubadour’s guild: held by Mistress Rowan
4:00: Ranking Tournament: The beginning of the tournaments to decide the  Kingdom Champion!
5:00 Get ready for feast: change into court garb if you have it!
6:30 Feast
7:30 Regents Court: Announcement of Kingdom officers,
8:30 break down primary event gear
9:00 After lurk : Either a bonfire and Sumbel or something else to be determined by the hosts!
Court Agenda:
As of now, the Regents Court contains the following agenda Items:
Item 1) Chartering the Weapon Smiths Guild
Item 2) Chartering the Order of the Sable Branch and acceptance as the
knighthood of the kingdom
Item 3)Discussion of Kingdom events (Including Coronation event)

Item 4) Chartering the Bakers Guild

Item 5) Chartering the Troubadours Guild

If you have agenda items for court, please contact me.

Feast: Pot Luck:
Please indicate whether you will be bringing, a main dish, a side
dish, a drink or a dessert. Please send information to

Now we have some time to plan this event so we need to take advantage
of the time we have.

What we need to do:
*Procure a hall or other event location
*Ensure that all members have everything they need
*Design and build any kingdom aesthetics we might still need
*Receive an RSVP from all who plan to attend

Feast Gear: I realize most of you have very little equipment in this
regard but some suggestions are in order. The Salvation Army usually
has a decent selection of wooden bowls and tin platters. Add a
medieval style mug, stein or goblet (also found at the thrift store.
From there add a wooden handled
knife, a fork and a spoon and a candle and candle holder complete the
set. The Dollar stores have some rather nice damask table runners in
various colors during the holidays. Find one close to the background
color of your intended heraldry and it will bring you closer to your
complete table setting. This is used to make your individual table
cloth with
the pointy end draped off the table making a shield shape, later you
can add your device.
Lacking these, please bring a place setting from home.
We will provide a bucket of warm water to rinse your items for
transportation home.

Clothing: I also realize we are all just getting started so proper
medieval clothing is difficult. If you would like some instruction on
making a tunic or tunic dress,or ideas on what and where to buy a
decent outfit, contact me and we can set up a time to
dash something together. If you are so inclined, you may also look at
http://www.renstore .com for a nice simple medieval outfit.
With regards to the lower half of your body, please wear boots as
there will most likely be snow or mud to contend with.
I also sent out links to a couple of other locations which will get
you started.

Fighters: If you plan to fight in the introductory tournament Or the
ranking tournament, please come prepared with your weapons, shield,
helm, neck protection and *gloves. If you need help with these, I will
be happy to lend a hand.
We may be fighting in the cold so be sure to wear your long johns or
other warm clothing to the tournament! This is where tabards are
important as they cover most of the modern look of winter cloths..

For information on any of this, please visit the web site at


Sir Robert William Valcore,

Crown Regent of Stanislaus, Patron of House Valcore

Knight Commander of the Order of the Sable Branch