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of the
 Kingdom of Stanislaus

Event Schedual for Kingdom of Stanislaus Coronation Event
Greetings all,
Our first event as a Kingdom is coming up soon! The Kingdom of Stanislaus will be hosting this first event on October 20th in Rome NY.
Here is the Basic Schedule for the event: (subject to change)
10:00 AM Arrive and set up
10:30 Opening court
11:00 Warm up Bear Pit List and Qualification
12:00 Guild Workshop (introduction to the guilds)
12:45 Challenge Dagger list
1:00 Day board is served.
1:30 Spear Building and Combat class
2:00 Single Sword List
3:30: Tunic Making Demo
4:30: Cool down and get ready for feast, general hangout time
5:00 Feast is served
5:45 First Court of the Kingdom of Stanislaus
7:30 Tear down and go home

For more information on the event, please contact Sir Robert Valcore, Crown Regent of the Kingdom of Stanislaus at

In service
Sir Robert William Valcore
Crown Regent of the Kingdom of Stanislaus
Knight Commander of the Order of the Sable Branch
Patron of the House of Valcore