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 The Weapon Smiths Guild
kingdom heraldry

~Charter of the Weapon Smiths Guild~
I, King Sir Robert Valcore, petition the Crown of Stanislaus for the chartering of the Weapon Smiths guild.
The purpose of the weapon smiths guild is to regulate and encourage proper building of kingdom approved flat padded weapons.
The weapon smiths guild will encourage research into new and improved weapon designs as well as identifying issues with existing weapon
design. Members of the weapon smiths guild will go through three levels of skill to advance in the guild and within the Kingdom. The skill levels are as follows:
Sword smiths Apprentice:
This person is new to the production of padded weapons, padding shields and decorating sporting helmets
During the apprenticeship, the guild helps the apprentice learn to build a basic padded sword, axe and to pad a shield.

To gain Journeyman status, the Apprentice must, in addition to Kingdom of Stanislaus advancement requirements, prove to the Master Sword smith that he or she can produce a legal, standard "tongue depressor tip" sword, pad a square or heater style shield  and be able to create at least one alternative weapon such as a legal Dagorhir sword or a mace.
As a Journeyman, the citizen must show aptitude in advanced weapon design and decoration such as building three layer pole weapons, axes and other exotic weapon forms. The Journeyman must obtain a weapon smiths tool kit. This kit must be placed in a secure box and will include at least the following items:
To attain the rank of Master, a Journeyman must:
This weapon must show a high degree of artistic and technical skill as well as being functional. They may use any technique approved by the Kingdom of Stanislaus and must document the production of said weapon from the ground up through pictures and notes. The production of a Master Work Weapon should be done with due care and with a keen eye on using the best materials available. A Master Work weapon should be well balanced, agile and well proportioned. Any new innovations improving safety, functionality , durability and aesthetics will be noted and should be pointed out to the Guild master before judging the weapon. The weapon will judged on the following criteria: Originality, Functionality, Perceived durability, aesthetic value, and  quality of materials. Special considerations may also be given for innovative design, especially with regards to hilt design and decoration and use of high end core materials.

In addition to the above, a journeyman must complete all Kingdom level advancement requirements for the attainment of Noble status.
Master Sword smiths will judge all Master Works submitted by journeymen of the guild and will decide if the Journeyman will advance to Master Sword smiths Status.

Signature of the Crown_________________________________________      Date_______________

Signature of  Applicant_________________________________________      Date________________

Signature of Witness___________________________________________     Date________________

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